Here at Trims we pride ourselves in stocking a variety of the brands that we believe provide the best quality to our customers.

We like to support Australian business’, or Australian made products where possible. Below are the brands that are available for purchase through our online site, with many more favourite brands available in store!


Founded in 1870, Blundstone is an Australian footwear brand. Based in Hobart, Tasmania Australia, the company moved boot manufacturing overseas in 2007. Blundstone, continue to best produce their quality well-known elastic-sided pull-on boots and have an extensive range that includes a variety of both pull on and lace-up safety boots. Celebrating 150 years of business, he distinctive and loved Blundstone boots are sought after by consumers across the globe.


Globe International, a company famous for designing apparel and footwear for streetwear and boardsports for over 25 years, noticed a gap in the workwear market. In 2012, FXD ‘Function by Design’ was launched in Australia; offering a range of workwear apparel and footwear that has been carefully designed to combine both functionality and stylish design. FXD has experienced increased popularity across all workwear industries, leading to growth in the Australian market, and expansion into the international market,


Founded in 1853, San Francisco, USA, Levis Strauss was opened during the Gold Rush as a wholesale dry goods business to sell to miners, to meet the needs of miners needing durability in their pants, In 1873, they received a U.S. patent for ‘waist overalls’ featuring metal rivets at points of strain. The first product line designated by the lot number “501” was created in 1890, the company continued to grow from there. Today, Levis are recognised as a global leader, with an extensive range of denim and apparel for men, women and children.

Oliver Footwear

Founded in 1887, with origins to gold mining in the Victorian provincial city of Ballarat. Oliver Footwear set out toproduce tough and durable boots for miners and farmers. Today, Oliver Footwear are committed to continue to produce boots that provide comfort, performance and durability. They achieve this in their production to date through continual innovation and diversifying their products to meet the demands and needs of workplace safety.

Rossi Boots

Rossi Boots was proudly founded in Adelaide, South Australia in 1908 by Arthur Rossiter, and continue to be a local favourite. Across more than 110 years of business, Rossi Boots has a rich family history, spanning across four generations who have shared the love of great boots that are tough and comfortable. Rossi Boots create boots in various styles, from casual to workwear safety, catering to a wide market of individuals across various industries and lifestyle. The business continues to produce and operate locally in their new premises located in Kilburn, South Australia.

R.M Williams

RM Williams have implemented strict regulations that prevent the display and sale of their products online. However we continue to stock a great range of RM Williams boots and apparel in store.
Please call our team on (08) 8212 5099 or email with any questions regarding RM Williams product and purchase enquiries.

Founded in the South Australian outback in 1932 by Reginald Williams, RM Williams is today one of the most iconic brands in the world. In the early years, the company became well known for their production of high-quality leather products, particularly their riding boots which were crafted from a single piece of leather, their boots inspired by the tough conditions of the outback. Their elastic-sided boots continued as a staple throughout their expansion into apparel, denim, hats and accessories in the decades to come.

Today, their superior elastic-sided boots are worn by millions of people globally. The production of their boots and leather accessories continue to be handcrafted locally here in Adelaide, South Australia.